Acupuncture, Auriculo-therapy, Reflexology & Body massage


What do they allow you to achieve?

re-balance your body and restore the body's healing power


What happens when we are balanced?

Improvement at the level of the physical, emotional and mental body

Physical level: reduce fatigue, more energy and vitality

Emotional level: More serene, happy, at peace with oneself, more motivation, creativity and self-confidence

Mental level: More organization, greater ability to plan our lives, greater control over our decisions and how to achieve our goals.

Oriental Tea Cup
Herbs and Spices

The advancement of medicine in recent years has been so spectacular that it has managed to double people's life expectancy and greatly improve their quality of life, even to ages in other times unthinkable.

But in return, we have placed our most precious treasure, health, in the hands of science;

forgetting about the body's ability to heal and regenerate after illness.

The human organism has a Great Defense System, it has the means to stay healthy.

Poisoning should be accidental, but sadly, it happens on a daily basis: inadequate eating habits, stress, over-demand consumption, pollution, contribute to creating an almost permanent state of intoxication in many people and this is the ideal substrate for developing diseases.