Why integrate them?
Integrating means that you work with several of them at the same time to obtain an even more powerful therapeutic benefit.


Specialized in Integrated Microsystems
we, as human beings, are the reflection of the macrosystem that is the universe in which we live

What is a microsystem?

A microsystem could be defined as a set of points that represent the entire organism in a small part of it.
It means that ALL our organs and glands are reflected in our feet.
In our body there are many microsystems:
the palms of the hands, the tongue, the iris of the eye, the ears, the abdomen etc etc.
Some microsystems such as the tongue or the pulse serve only to give us information about the state of health of the body,
others also allow us to intervene at a therapeutic level, such as in the case of reflexology or auriculo-therapy.


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