Energetic Nutrition

Chinese medicine has always given a very important role to diet to have a healthy life.

Food is the best medicine to prevent disease and Nutrition is a fundamental pillar at a therapeutic level.

There are pathologies that cannot be solved without changes in diet.

There are eating habits that favor the disease, a state of constant inflammation of the body that is the ideal substrate for pathological processes.

In Chinese medicine, the nutrition system is based on the yin / yang principle and the system and the 5 elements.

The Western diet reviews food from parameters micro and macro nutrients such as:

minerals, vitamins, fibers, fats, proteins, and carbohydrates.

While in Chinese nutrition, importance is given at the energy of the food (cold, neutral or hot) and its preparation and tropism (which system they will reinforce or damage).

An adequate diet is essential for the maintenance of health, because our body is the expression of what we eat.