Moxibustion: the heat that heals

It is based on the combustion of a plant called mugwort, which is used in the shape of a cone, near or on specific acupuncture points.

Moxibustion complements acupuncture sessions, providing heat to the body and releasing energy blocks.

This increases the body's energy and activates blood circulation.

By treating these points with heat, the patient feels a pleasant sensation of heat that penetrates the skin and travels to the energy channel that is being treated.

Moxibustion is an excellent treatment with very good results, it also serves to warm up anatomical areas, to tone acupuncture points or to reduce inflammation.

Cupping therapy

Consists of the application of glass cups to muscle areas or acupuncture points.

This technique allows the blood supply to return to the worked area and therefore greater nutrition and oxygenation.

The sensation experienced with the suction cups is one of deep massage, release of tension and relaxation.

It is very common to apply cups along the paravertebral muscles of the back.

According to Chinese medicine, this is where most of the SHU points are, it is a practice widely used to stimulate the immune system.